MAP - Mission Action Planning

We strongly support the Diocesan vision of ‘Living God’s Love’ and its three themes: 

  • Going Deeper into God
  • Transforming Communities 
  • Making New Disciples 

As part of this vision we are using the Mission Action Planning process. 

After reflection and prayer, and in consultation with our two congregations, home groups and the wider village communities, we can report the results of the ‘Looking’ phase of MAP:

3 things we have seen about our parish and our world

1. We have a wide range of community organisations which cater for various needs and age groups.
2. We recognize a universal need for greater engagement with and involvement of young people
3. We need to be where the people are, and not to expect them to come to us

3 things we have seen about our church

1. We need to be better at communication even within the church where jargon can be off-putting
2. We have a youth ministry which is supported and effective
3. We try hard to provide diversity in forms of worship

Results of the remaining phases of MAP process ‘Discerning a vision, priorities and goals’, ‘Planning’, and ‘Acting’ will follow in due course.