Our Mission

Many churches do not have a mission statement but we believe that in response to prayer the Lord shows us what His particular priorities are for Holy Cross and St Paul’s and that these should be made known to everyone.

People join a church for many different reasons but the only reason they stay is because they have found friendship with others who are equally committed to knowing, following and serving Jesus, our Saviour. 

He is at the heart of our church life.  We are here to proclaim Him and offer Him to others so that they might come to know Him, and thus help to build His Church. They are our primary concern.

Building on our values, principles and style of ministry, we declare that in everything we do our Mission Statement is "PROCLAIMING JESUS"

This is based on three fundamental beliefs:

1. We believe in the uniqueness and effectiveness of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. (Acts 4:12) 

Our enduring aim is to express this belief by

2. We believe that everyone needs to grow in God`s love and be empowered to bear witness to Jesus. (Acts 1:7-8) 

Our enduring aim is to express this belief by EQUIPPING OURSELVES
through His Holy Spirit.

3. We believe in the Church's mandate to lead others into the glorious freedom of being Jesus` disciples. (Matthew 28:18-19) 

Our enduring aim is to express this belief by
SHARING OUR FAITH with all people.

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