Values, Principles & Style of Ministry 

Stained Glass Window

At Holy Cross and St Paul’s, we:

Recognise that God is sovereign and actively at work in the world today, loving us, drawing us to Him and seeking a personal relationship with us.

Acknowledge that through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, we receive forgiveness for our sins and look forward to eternal life

Explore the Bible as the inspired word of God, which authorises us to carry out its teaching

Recognise that through prayer God will act in people’s lives, enabling them to grow through the activity of His Holy Spirit

Recognise that membership of the Church of England is through baptism

Value and accept the traditions and sacraments of the Church of England, while working with churches of other denominations

Accept that there are different ways of ‘doing church’ and attempt to provide a variety of services which people of different ages can enjoy