Arranging a Funeral or Burial at Holy Cross, Sarratt or St Paul's Chipperfield

The Churchyard around Holy Cross is still in use for burials and interment of ashes.   It is our hope that the peace of our churchyard will bring to the bereaved some comfort and a sense of the peace which Christ brings to those who follow Him.

Who can be buried in the churchyard?

Anyone resident in the parish of Holy Cross may be buried in the churchyard if they wish to receive a Christian burial. Those whose families or relatives are buried in the churchyard may also be interred in family graves if space allows, even if they are not resident in the parish.

Who pays for the maintenance of the Churchyard?

We receive a grant each year from Sarratt Parish Council for churchyard expenses, but apart from that we have no other sources of income: everything is paid for by Holy Cross church members. We would be very glad to receive financial support from any and all who appreciate the beauty and tranquillity of this beautiful place.

If you would like to make a donation, please send a cheque (made payable to PCC Holy Cross Sarratt) to The Treasurer, Greenhill Cottage, Dimmocks Lane, Sarratt WD3 6AR.

St Paul's, Chipperfield

The churchyard at St Paul’s is now ‘closed’ with no further burials being possible.  However, interment in family graves is permissible if space allows.

There is however a Memorial Garden where ashes may be interred.

Churchyard update

An independent action group is currently exploring the possibility of purchasing additional land adjacent to the churchyard to provide additional space for future burials.  We await the outcome of their enquiries.  This land would be outside the curtilage of the church graveyard and managed by the village rather than the church.