An inventory and description of the five bells in the belltower.

The five bells are made of bellmetal, an alloy which is 77% copper and 23% tin.

We would like to thank Joe Goodman, a former Sarratt Bell Ringer now living and ringing in Norfolk, and Bob Penn, our current Tower Captain, for the following inventory:-

TENOR BELL – B Natural – cast 1719 by Richard Chandler at Drayton Parslow
Weight 4 cwt. 3 st. 24 lb.
Inscription – “Chandler made me”.

4TH BELL – C sharp – cast 1606 at the foundry of Henry Knight, Reading
Weight 4 cwt. 2 st. 4 lb.
Inscription – “Henry Knight made mee”

3RD BELL – D sharp – cast 1865 by Mears & Stainbank at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, which is still operating as a foundry.

Weight 3 cwt. 3 st. 2 lb.
Inscription – “Mears 1865”

The three bells above were rehung in 1913 on a steel frame by Messrs Warner & Sons, Crescent Foundry, Spitalfields.

2ND BELL – E cast – 1959 by Mears & Stainbank at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry.
Weight 3 cwt. 2 st. 26 lb.

TREBLE BELL – F sharp – cast 1959 by Mears & Stainbank at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry.
Weight 2 cwt. 3 st. 23 lb.

The last two bells were given by Mrs. Rupert Clutterbuck, dedicated by Rev. Thomas McArdle on 7th February 1960 and the first peal was rung on 24th February 1960.

Both bells are inscribed “A.M.D.G.*` and in memory of Thomas Clutterbuck 1884 – 1953 and his son Giles Bill Clutterbuck who made the supreme sacrifice in 1940. Mears 1959, London”.

From an inventory of the church dated 1552 it seems there were “3 belles in the steple”, now vanished. These were probably melted down (there used to be a foundry at Chenies). Another inventory dated 1638 mentions “3 bells”, one of which must have been the 4th Bell cast by Henry Knight in 1606.

*A.M.D.G., ad majorem Dei gloriam – to the greater glory of God.